Monday, May 12, 2014

Cherry Blossoms back in High Park

The long road to summer in #Toronto includes a brief pause to stop and smell the blossoms. And some of the best places to see tree flowers are High Park, in the University of Toronto campus, beside Old City Hall, at Queens Park and along University Avenue.
In High Park, which has the mother-lode of cherry trees, cars and tourists are even more plentiful than the blossoms during the short time when the pretty blossoms are at their peak. Starting within the past few days the trees have begun to fill with growth and the peak is anticipated by this Victoria Day long weekend. For now the blossoms are rather sparse.

Being in nature means you can also take the opportunity to check out the birds sitting on nests full of eggs or looking after tiny, little and oh so cute babies.

Posted by James Hamilton and Joe Hamilton.

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