Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gardiner Expressway rehab and deck replacement

#Toronto will replace the deck of the elevated expressway starting at the west end instead of the east end. This will allow for an environment assessment of the easterly end running between Jarvis Street and the Don Roadway. The City will be looking at the future of the 2.4 km east segment.
In the past decade Toronto has spent $75 million on the half century old Gardiner for repairs and maintenance. Even so there were five incidents of concrete falling in 2012.

"Strategic rehabilitation plan: City staff have hired an engineering consultant to develop a Strategic Rehabilitation Plan for the entire Gardiner Expressway (Logan Avenue to Highway 427). The work includes determining the costs and timelines for rehabilitating the entire length of the Gardiner to ensure it remains in a safe and serviceable condition, while minimizing traffic disruption. Initial activities will include a detailed survey of the condition of the roadway. This survey will be used to confirm the Ground Penetrating Radar survey results completed for the entire deck in December 2012. The engineering consultant has provided preliminary conclusions from survey results based on previous inspections and observations from recent repair work. The data confirmed the previous assessment that the areas east of Jarvis Street and west of Spadina Avenue are the priority areas for repair work."
The east end Gardiner Expressway environmental assessment will study four alternatives for the highway - do nothing, maintain the existing above grade structure, replace the highway either above or below grade (ie tunnel) and remove the elevated expressway and upgrade Lake Shore Boulevard.

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