Friday, May 31, 2013

#Toronto Pro SuperShow 2013

Canada's largest fitness exposition @TOProSuperShow brings the buff back into town with an exciting lineup of fitness, physique, bikini and bodybuilder competitions. The tanning spray and body oils are at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre North Halls from Friday, May 31 till Sunday, June 2, 2013.

The exhibition floors have plenty of fitness, clothing and nutrition vendors along with boxing, wrestling, crossfit, power and weight lifting as well as other sporting demonstrations. On Friday I caught the IFBB Women's Fitness, Bikini, Physique Judging and the IFBB Men's Physique Judging.

Tomorrow has arm-wrestling, weightlifting, wrestling, MMA and Strongman competitions along with more of the IFBB Women's events - Bodybuilding and Figure prejudging along with Men's IFBB events and the model searches - Oxygen Fitness, REPS! Men's Fitness and the MuscleMag Bikini preliminary rounds on the Expo Stage. Many of the finals are on Sunday.

For coverage of the 2013 Expo Stage events see my posts:

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IFBB Women's Fitness Judging

IFBB Women's Bikini Judging

IFBB Women's Physique Judging

Keep calm and grunt on!
Punch ball game
Fans wait for the on stage competitions
Body painting
In the wrestling area

Arm wrestling matches
prep for cross fit and work out competitions
Stars were at the show for autograph signings

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