Sunday, May 05, 2013

CONTACT #Toronto: Pyramid

A single photograph hangs from the tall, curved ceiling of the Allan Lambert Galleria in @ArtsBrookfield Place as part of the Scotiabank @ContactPhoto Festival. The commissioned work by Vancouver artist James Nizam was made by shining individual light beams onto haze. The piece hangs where the light was projected in the long hall.

"Fleeting, liminal, and ultimately existing only as a photographic document, James Nizam’s image of a luminescent pyramid activates the architecture of the galleria at Brookfield Place. Part photograph, part sculpture, this deceptively simple geometric form invites a deconstruction of how light and shape inform our perceptions of a space. The act of viewing is challenged as the eye moves between the image and the space in which the light sculpture once existed."

This year's Contact Photography Festival will see over 1500 artist exhibiting in over 175 locations in the GTA. The festival promotes photography and understanding of our surroundings.

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