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John Notten and Lumière: The Art of Light Toronto 2024

Contemporary Toronto artist John Notten brings one of his large-scale art pieces to the latest edition of the light-based art installations in Trillium Park, Ontario Place. John takes common objects, reconfigures and decontextualizes them and boom, you got some good art. This project uses canoes - as he has incorporated into several of his previous works, in Drawn to the Flame which features six red canoes looking like they are part of a large bonfire.
Two lovers bask in the glow of the oversized campfire. Drawn to the Flame by John Notten

John joins a number of other artists included in this exhibition, in last remaining public space in Ontario Place as the redevelopment of the lake front property takes over much of the park. Lumière: The Art of Light exhibition is on display from March 12 to April 20, 2024 nightly from sunset to 11pm. There will also be bonfires in the fire pit nightly during March Break and Friday and Saturday nights for the rest of the exhibition. Many of the artworks are interactive as found in Tree Love (hug the tree) or Trail (where motion starts changing the pattern and colours of the lights, or influenced by the elements, especially wind or by the touch of visitors.
Wind: Harmony in Motion by Samuel Kiehoon Lee

Connect Ever Green by Jungle Ling
Lumen: Air by Meghan Cheng

From the Ontario Place website, "This free outdoor light-based art exhibition welcomes visitors to explore Trillium Park and experience bold and imaginative public art created by talented Ontario-based artists from all artistic streams. Using innovation, light and discovery, artists and creators will “illuminate” the park under the theme of “CONNECTIONS”. This theme aims to explore the various ways in which light can create connections between people, the environment, and different aspects of our lives.
Entangled Luminosity by Tyler Burey

Trail by M. Joakim is on the pedestrian bridge and looks better from the bridge. If you dance as you walk past you can see some pretty vibrant colours
To reach the exhibition you can park in Coronation Park, Exhibition Place or other nearby lots (all paid parking) and walk over to Trillium Park, or take public transit and again walk over to the park. We spent about two hours at the site, exploring and taking pictures of the art and I personally think this year's efforts top the 2023 show. As a bonus the skyline views of the city overlooking the harbourfront is spectacular, especially at twilight and into the dark night.
Tree Love by ZEM is probably the largest of the installations - taking over a tree along the path closer to Echo Beach

You need to hug the tree to get the lights going and if you step away from the tree and hug again there might be new colours displayed

See more photos of the light art after the jump.
Greenhouse Reflect by Little Dada + the Boys
Nature's Glow by Mike Geiger

Geosphere by John Nguyen, Nicholas Hoban and Rahul Sehijpau
A pack of wolves titled INFRA by Tonya Hart
One of a pair of entrance signs and light strings welcoming the public to the exhibition
Canopy (A Long Story IX) by Lauren A. Pirie
The next photos are part of Virtual Visage by Bitbrainz
You might need extra light to see the portraits that hang off Virtual Visag
There are several buttons on the installation
Tryst by Nexus
Side view of  Chroma Interlace by Asli Alin
Crosshatch by Jordan Shaw. You can pull and push the handles on opposite sides of this piece to get the panels in motion

I didn't see Mochoid by Steve Mann, perhaps I didn't take the right path?

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