Sunday, April 23, 2023

Lumière: The Art of Light at Ontario Place

The Winter Light Exhibition at Ontario Place has morphed into Lumiere taking place on the east side of the island park will soon end, so check out the art installations before May 7, 2023. The annual exhibition is illuminated from dusk to 11pm, 7 days a week and started on March 10. You can get to the free event by taking the Trillium Park entrance to see Lumiere, which is French for light, and on Friday and Saturday nights you can gather around a bonfire while seeing the 16 winning installations of the 60 original proposals. My favourite was Disco Wall.

From the press release, "This free light exhibition invites visitors to explore the park and experience public art created by talented Ontario artists from all artistic streams. Utilizing innovation, creativity, light, and discovery, Lumière inspires Ontario-based artists and creators to "illuminate" the park under a curatorial theme of "renewal". Lumière is an outdoor event that spans the entire Trillium Park, and these magical and alluring exhibits are best experienced at night.

“We are excited to welcome visitors to Trillium Park to experience the beauty and vibrance of Lumière. As the park transitions from winter to spring, it’s the perfect location for this outdoor public art exhibition. We are also thrilled to provide a forum to showcase and celebrate the work of Ontario artists, providing them with an accessible and beautiful space to exhibit their art,” says Janet Gates, General Manager and CEO of Ontario Place."

Lumiere art projects
The Art of Light:Disco Wall by Nate Nettleton
Allochory by Collective Memory (Stoyan Barakov and Robert McKaye)
Correspondence (A Long Story VII) by Lauren Pirie  
[W]hole by Jordan Shaw
Aeolian Soundscape by John Nguyen, Nicholas Hoban, Brady Peters
Ghost Canoe by Jungle Ling
Umbra Transit by Melissa Joakim 
The Flora Arcana by Thadea Decora, Vincent Glasheen, Marc Reeve-Newson, Sofia Timkovski
bioluminescent Being by Sofia Escobar
Luxonus by Luxonus Collective (Alex Ricci & Adam Kaleta) 
The Light Within by Nathan Fischer and Diana Tran
Fiddlehex by Alex Leitch, Sagan Yee, Dave Cox, Lee Wilkins and Hillary Predko
Bloom Promenade by Bitbrainz (Christina Kayastha and Binam Kayastha)
The Fantastical Book Garden by Courtney Spence  
Golden Hour by Tonya Hart  
The Numerology of Mushrooms by Sabine Spare & Mikhail Moosa 

See more of the projects after the jump.

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