Thursday, February 08, 2024

The Heart of Winter 2024 is slightly toasty in Toronto

We have been cruising through winter in Toronto since the old solstice of December 21, 2023 and now, as we finish off the Heart of Winter from January 10 to February 10, 2024 we find ourselves with balmy weather that might hit double digits on Friday, February 9. Forecasts are showing highs from 9 to 11 degrees Celsius in Toronto before freezing (daily high) temperatures start to return next Wednesday.
The skating trail at Arrowhead Provincial Park is closed at the beginning of Feb due to above freezing temps melting the ice surface

While those that enjoy snow sports are feeling mighty depressed at this time we are all confident that a sudden surge of snowmobile and snow blower purchases have brought about this warmer weather. The Ontario Snow Report on Feb 7 indicates that "Snowpack levels across Ontario are currently 41% of normal. Ontario's annual average snowfall total is 48". 

The warmer temperatures are also making up for the lack of sunshine - booyah. The Government of Canada seasonal forecast for Toronto shows a 57% chance for higher than normal temps for February to April 2024! This makes the coldest and darkest of seasons in Toronto a little more comfortable and I'm hoping it keeps going until the vernal equinox on March 21, 2024 when Spring takes over.

Another indicator of warmer temps include the Great Lakes Ice Cover from GLSEA which, as of Feb 6, 2024, is only 6.7%, down from 2023's 17.4% at the same time. This is also down considerably since my last Heart of Winter post in 2018.
It's still not warm enough to have outdoor Carnival in February

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