Friday, February 16, 2024

Illuminite Light Festival coming to Toronto

During the entire month of May 2024 the Downtown Yonge BIA is bringing an interactive light festival to the area including SAM LAMP by artist Sam Hardwicke-Brown, pictured above, temporarily installed at College Park close to Bay and College Streets.

From the Downtown Yonge BIA Illuminite website, "This installation is a response to episodes of negative mental health that we all face throughout our lives. Through the semiotics of structure, and the use of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) light technology, the intention of the installation is to provide support to those within the structure. This noctilucent installation aims to provide temporary comfort to those in need. In the bleakest of darkness, one will find support in the light. This project acts as a Seasonal Affective Meditation space, and temporary safe haven for those in need."

The six installations are free to view from March 1-31 daily until midnight and consist of the following pieces.

Artist: Spectrum by Mirari
Location: Trinity Square Park

Artist: Sam Hardwicke-Brown
Location: Trinity Square Park

digital drapes
Artist: MattCreative
Location: HNR Properties 19-21 Dundas Square

You were here
Artist: Meghan Cheng
Location: Yonge Street

Artist: Ariel Weiss, Fransesco
Location: Trinity Square Park

Artist: Radha Chaddah x RAW Design
Location: Yonge Dundas Square

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