Monday, October 28, 2019

Greenpeace and Ghost Atelier's On Thin Ice

Westbank and Allied brought the Nuit Blanche HXOUSE art installation from Yonge-Dundas Square to 533/539 King Street West and joined with Greenpeace and the UN for a weekend talk series on climate action. The event was held October 25-27 with UN Act Now 'World in Our Hands' on the 26th and Ghost Atelier's 'On Thin Ice' Greenpeace partnership on the 27th. 
Greenpeace Climate Justice Now banner
Joachim Johnson (standing) with Greenpeace members (sitting)
Sunday's event featured HXOUSE's Joachim Johnson, "storyteller and imperfectionist" along with Greenpeace members to discuss their work with the non-governmental environmental organization and share ideas about climate action. HXOUSE fosters innovation and opportunity along with being a creative incubator and accelerator facilitating ties between industry and talent. Westbank is a leading luxury residential and mixed use real estate development company that is dedicated to the creation of beautiful buildings - they previously brought us the 'Unzipped' stacked art/building installation.

Outside the presentation hall was a extremely large cloth structure created by the creative collective studio Ghost Atelier. The 25-foot white fabric was split on the inside and represented cracked ice to remind people of the effects of climate change and to inspire people to act in support of the environment. The sculpture also featured dynamic visuals sourced from within the structure.

During the 2019 all-night art arts festival the installation was displayed in one of Canada's busiest pedestrian intersections just outside the Toronto Eaton Centre. Nuit Blanche described the work as follows: "Using a diverse skillset ranging from architecture to neuroscience, the artists of Ghost Atelier will create a pilgrimage-like destination in Toronto’s busiest public square. Reflecting on sacred architecture, the artists will frame nature as a place of witness and collective grieving. Melting glaciers, one of the most visible elements of the ongoing environmental disaster, have inspired a number of art projects to date. Ghost Atelier will go a step further to show the deep connection between the diminishing ice caps and the narrowing future of humankind. Bringing the audience inside the deep crevasse in the glacier, the installation will serve as a physical reminder of the state of the planet. As well as aiming to inspire public action against climate change, the installation will emphasize the importance of bearing witness when it comes to life—and especially, to death."

See more photos of the even after the jump.

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