Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Toronto Biennial of Art

I had to look it up, but Biennial meanings includes something that occurs every two years, you're welcome. This is a new art festival taking place at various locations around the city from September 21 to December 1, 2019. There are several vertical banners hanging at Union Station advertising the coming '72 days of art'.

There will be free exhibitions, performances and talks with more than 100 contemporary, visual art pieces by Canadian and international artists at the Toronto Biennial of Art.
I did manage to track down Curtis Talwst Santiago's installation called J'ouvert Temple at 55 Unwin Avenue in the Portlands just before Cherry Beach. It is behind a construction fence adjacent to the Giant Containers building, draped in green mesh and hard to identify as a work of art, yet when you glimpse the broken tableau and man of metal, you still wonder if it is art. From Biennial's website "Built of rubble salvaged from construction sites across the city, Santiago’s new commission J’ouvert Temple is a modern-day capriccio—an architectural fantasy informed by the artist’s experience of ancient and modern-day ruins. Viewed through holes in a fence, vignettes emerge from the debris, evoking a similar sense of intimacy."
I did like the crystal disco ball

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