Thursday, September 12, 2019

Museum of the Moon installation

Tides around Toronto have been thrown out of whack by the installation of the Moon under the Gardiner Expressway at Bentway Park. From September 10-15, 2019 (6-11pm) you can visit the heavenly body during the free Museum of the Moon exhibition located right beside Historic Fort York.
The Moon is 7m in diameter, or approximately 1:500,000 scale, illuminated from within and is a touring sculptural piece by UK multidisciplinary artist Luke Jerram using NASA lunar imagery. From the Bentway’s website: “The installation allows visitors to experience the moon up-close and personal, reminding us of the moon’s influence on our daily lives despite urban barriers like light pollution and high-rise density. Visitors will be able to further reflect on the moon through moon gazing and moonlight meditation, turning The Bentway into an open air planetarium.”
Sunset in Toronto around this time of the year is just after 7:30pm so in a little while we shall see what the moon looks like at night.

Other nocturnal activities around the moon them will be meditation sessions, free astronomy talks and a soundtrack that features an astronaut playlist. With the actual full harvest moon occurring on September 14 the Bentway will begin a Moon Merge podcast hosted by Laurie Brown and Juno nominated composer Joshua Van Tassel. As well other activities include a silent disco and a sing-a-long with Toronto’s Choir! Choir!

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