Monday, September 16, 2019

Boo at the Toronto Zoo coming soon

As Halloween approaches so to does the Toronto 'Boo at the Zoo' event happening on the last two weekends of October at the Toronto Zoo. Special rides on the BOOmobile will entertain with knowledge of the animals and you can also learn about some scary ghosts that haunt the zoo.
Mom and baby gorilla
Boo at the Zoo will bring kids in costumes to meet the many animals while taking in a ride on the zoomobile which has been made much scarier with the likes of the 'Zoo Kreeper'. It is a family friendly day at Canada's largest zoo. Children will also get to ride on the Conservation Carousel and meet 'Explorer Bear' the scare-bear. This might be one of the scariest animals at the zoo but never forget the worst animal at the zoo - the litterbug.

Our family just paid a visit to the Toronto Zoo on a damp Sunday in September and it was a great time to go as the crowds were down from the usual peak attendance during summer. Seats on the regular zoomobile were plentiful and the animal viewpoints weren't jammed to capacity, plus the animals weren't hiding from the hot sun. Keeping out of the rain was easier by taking more rides or waiting at the zoomobile stations.
Plenty of animals built of plastic highlight the amount of waste plastic found in the World's oceans

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