Thursday, December 13, 2018

Rockwood Parade of Lights

Farm vehicles were decorated in their finest for the annual Farmers Santa Claus Parade of Lights on Thursday, December 13, 2018. Beginning at 7pm the parade leaves Fifth Line (County Road 27) in Rockwood and turns onto Highway 7 towards Guelph, then turns on Guelph Line (Fourth Line). For people driving through the area, they close off Highway 7 between Guelph Line and Eramosa-Milton Townline. It was a little foggy but you could still see the lights when the tractors got close.
From the Parade's website; "This time of year Santa is said to be busy in his workshop making toys for good little girls and boys!! But in Rockwood, Santa already has his toys made, and shopping done. His soybeans and corn are harvested, and now he's trying to figure out just what he and Mrs. Claus should do to their combine for the "big" night. Yes! This is a Farmer's Santa!! With his fall farm work under control, Mr. and Mrs. Claus will soon be decorating their combine with Christmas lights and other seasonal decorations to be ready for Rockwood's FARMERS' Santa Claus PARADE OF LIGHTS. The parade is always held on the second Thursday in December. This will be the twentieth time that Santa and the local farmers have presented their FARMERS' PARADE OF LIGHTS. "The first year was very informal and spontaneous. A group of local farmers decided to dress up their farm equipment for the Christmas season and ride through the village streets as a holiday gesture of goodwill to their non-farming neighbours," reports Mr. Santa Claus."

Traffic is a snarled in the area before and long after the parade as people park hundreds of cars along all roads near the route. Get there early because the people lineup four or five deep along the streets to catch the vehicles going by.
Cars along Highway 7

See more of the parade after the jump.

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