Thursday, July 26, 2018

Into the magical forest at Winter Wheat

The Lake Erie area is a treasure trove of beautiful towns, beaches and attractions and one of our favourites is the "quirky and whimsical" forest setting of Winter Wheat. Full of interesting metal and folk art spread throughout the tall trees surrounded by farms, which right now are full of summer wheat type plants, the trails wandering through the fairy woods lead to the installations and places to sit in peace and enjoy the beauty of the spot.
The bird playing the piano remains my favourite piece
You can also visit the country store and buy some of the pieces which are for sale. We of course expand our collection of metal art almost every time we drop by, this time we purchased a spinning spoon windmill piece.

Exploration and parking are free, although donations are kindly sought to support the upkeep and expansion of their installations. Located in Sparta, close to Port Bruce, on Quaker Road in Southwest Ontario.

See more of the property after the jump.

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