Friday, February 24, 2017

#FITCToronto 2017 in April

Step into the light at the upcoming Future of Innovation, Technology and Creativity (FITC) digital media conference April 23-25 at the Hilton Toronto. Some of the world's best digital creators and influencers will speak at FITC 2017 including interaction designer Jared Ficklin and Key Speaker Anouk Wipprecht, fashion designer and engineer, who will present 'FashionTech': The Intersection of Fashion, Robotics and Technology.
Anouk created a smoking, octupus-inspired dress and the intriguing 'spider dress' (pictured above, photo supplied) which had robotic arms that can sense people in close proximity and react in a 'fierce style' to reinforce the boundary of one's personal space. Would be fascinating to see this dress in action in a crowded elevator at lunch time!

“Fashion for me is about expression and communication, but the things we wear at the moment are 'analog.’ Putting electronics in fashion opens up a whole new world of possibilities on how we can express and communicate ourselves." The Dutch designer also notes that “the relationship between the body and technology is closer than ever. Electronic systems can now be layered seamlessly onto a material. Embedded processors and sensors for transmitting and receiving information create a vision of cultural transformation that is both exciting and disturbing.”

The three day conference will feature over 75 presenters and the opportunity to see augmented and virtual reality along with 3D printing, robotics, motion graphics, interactive film and everything digital. In addition to the speaker series you can also see the technology and hardware displays on the exhibition floor. Oh, and I understand there will be parties as well.

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