Sunday, February 26, 2017

Emergency Response in Toronto

Accidents seem to always happen in a flash of time, everything is normal and then bang, maybe your life has changed, although you might not realize it at the time. And after that single moment things start to fall into place. Do you need help, do we call 9-1-1 and get emergency services on scene, do we need to give first aid and comfort the injured?
When you call for an ambulance you often get everyone coming to the scene - fire, ambulance and police. I witnessed the aftermath of an accident at Bay and Adelaide Streets during the afternoon commute. Pedestrians and drivers hurry to get home and people certainly feel more invulnerable than they should. People step off the curbs without thinking that vehicles can hurt and traffic signals don't apply to themselves.
Earlier that same morning, at the same intersection a 79 year old pedestrian was struck by a pickup truck and died the next day.
In the afternoon the #6 Bay ttc bus sits in the middle of  Bay and Adelaide Streets while emergency crews took care of her, put her in a stretcher and got her in an ambulance for the trip to the hospital. I hope she is okay.

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