Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Kissing Bridge

The West Montrose covered bridge has stood over the Grand River since 1881 and its 198 foot span is apparently perfect for romance, so drop by and share a smooch. The historic site brings visitors to Woolwich Township as the last remaining wooden covered bridge that actually handles vehicular traffic as part of the road system.
"The roof over the bridge protects the large timbers and trusses from the elements; this is also the reason the bridge is still standing after more than 100 years. Uncovered wooden bridges typically have a life span of only 10 to 15 years - exposure to rain causes unprotected joints to rot in summer and freeze in the winter, and the hot sun causes the wooden planks to dry and curl."
The roadway narrows through the bridge and becomes one lane, you can fit a car and some pedestrians inside the bridge, more pedestrians probably if they are kissing because they take up less room. The bridge is even painted red, the colour of love.
Located west of the GTA, the area is a tourist destination with many making the trip to St Jacobs and the shops and stores of the Mennonites, you can often see their horse and carriages that travel along the side of the roads. The town of St Jacobs and the St Jacobs Farmer's Market are the big draws for visitors. The market was rebuilt after the fire of  '13 and don't go on Sundays, the market is closed (open Tuesday and Saturday year round and also on Tuesdays in the summer).

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