Monday, September 05, 2016

Fan Expo Cosplay 2016

Comics come alive during this year's long weekend pop culture event in Toronto as a large percentage of the tens of thousands of fans showed up daily dressed as their favourite comic, sci-fi, anime or gaming characters. The 22nd Fan Expo has become the 3rd largest event of its kind in North America that is estimated to bring in over 129,000 fans into the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
Even arriving late on Sunday which is the last day of the comicon, the crowds filling the massive main hall made it difficult to navigate and visit the many vendors that sell their wares to the typically younger crowd. Celebrities take time to attend the show to pose for photos or sign autographs - all for money continued exposure. Fifty years of Star Trek were highlighted in 2016 with Nichelle Nicols, William Shatner and George Takei in attendance.
"FAN EXPO CANADA is a playground for fans of all ages who love genres from gaming to sci-fi to comics and more! A weekend at FAN EXPO CANADA can include participation in a gaming tournament, snagging a professional photo-op or autograph with your favourite actor, watching comic greats duke it out in a sketch duel and much more! If that isn’t enough for your senses, try the Exhibit Hall where you’ll find everything from major companies showcasing their latest products, to local vendors stocked with unique fandom wares."

The Cosplay Masquerade is the most popular event of the weekend and is the largest in Canada. It is held in Constitution Hall on Saturday at 8pm. But you don't have to attend the contest to see great costumes, just stand still and some great characters will pass you by.

See more of the cosplay after the jump.

You didn't need a Pokestop to find Pikachu

I ran into these ladies as they were making their way to the show
Lego Star Wars

A DJ was rocking the house

Toronto Batman

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