Thursday, September 15, 2016

Haunted Fall Fair - scary, spooky

There are some (so far just me) that think that the annual Acton Fall Fair is visited by spirits from beyond the grave. Tonight I think they took over the midway, wandering up and down the aisles, past the rides, past the covered over booths and screaming out for coupons. Ghosts have to be over 36 inches to scare the living.
Goblins almost certainly ring the games of chance, waiting to scare humans - a fright every time. The fear of the departed has emptied the park, it sits bleak and lonely, waiting for those that don't fear the night. The fear was palpable as people kept away from the deserted exhibition as the sun began to set and the witching hour was about to start.
The Prospect Park site is set on top of the original pioneer fair from over a century ago when rides were powered by mules and the power of the water falling through the dam at the end of Fairy Lake. Who knows what horrors happened so long ago that led to so many forlorn souls that cannot find peace, even with so many cute animals in the petting zoo. If you bring your car into the park, don't knock over any of the historic headstones located in the north end of the fairgrounds. Maybe the markers were moved and the Fair was built over the bodies of the early settlers?

Hopefully the next couple of days will be peaceful, say your prayers and drop by "the best little fair in Ontario" as the 103rd Acton Fair comes to life once again from September 16 to 18, 2016. The midway seems to come alive at night with the twinkling lights and ghosts become indistinguishable from people.

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