Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pachi goes all Gremlin

Pachi, the official Pan Am mascot, the weird looking porcupine with 41 coloured quills signifying each of the participating countries, must have touched water and been fed after midnight - now they have multiplied and turned bad. Crouching from heights in Toronto, the spiky little critters have gone from cute Mogwais to full on Gremlins looking to rip apart human flesh. Oh, and they obviously have gotten used to sunlight.

"His quills are five brilliant colours and represent qualities that he holds – green is youth, fuchsia is passion, blue is collaboration, orange is determination and purple is creativity. PACHI, like other porcupines, has a visual impairment and difficultly seeing people and objects that are far away."
FUFU. Rocks. Another mascot comes to the rescue and takes on the pachigremlins.

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