Sunday, June 28, 2015

Arriving in Toronto on a jet plane

Squeezed in between a few moments between downpours (during the weekend of rain) we manage to watch a few airplanes come in for landings at Pearson International Airport. We chose the Dixie Road viewpoint as planes came in from the west and also flew out towards the east.

Parking on Director Gate just south of Derry Road we get a nice view of the planes as they come so close to us before touching down. Last time we watched from Airport Road. With the right weather you could see wing tip vortices as the plane passed through the approach to the airport.

See more planes after the jump.

Many people bring their families, pull up alongside the road and hope that the police give them some time to watch the planes go by. They really should put in a municipal parking lot where people can pay a few bucks and watch the planes without worrying about getting kicked out by the police.

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