Sunday, April 12, 2015

Toronto Photo Medley

The Big Smoke is full of interesting sights, some of them you see day in and day out, some of them are like items in Costco - you see them for a short time, then they are gone. The geese in the Eaton Centre are always there, the deer only come out for the Christmas Season.
OCAD University is a big, colourful matchbox on giant pencil crayons
Go Leafs Go at the ACC
The AGO reminds me of a lighter than air dirigible
I wished my house looked like this old bank on Yonge Street
Enjoying a cool fountain on University Avenue
An art installation at the Humber River pedestrian bridge
PeTA protests at the city's busiest scramble intersection
Redball from several years ago
Sailboats along the lake front

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