Saturday, April 11, 2015

Escape or Die!

Dean Gunnarson cheated death once again as he broke free of his straitjacket, heavily laden with chains and locks, while hanging upside down from the flaming jaws of death.

As the large crowd in Yonge-Dundas Square surrounded the World famous escapologist he strapped on his jacket and with the help of an assistant the chains were tightly wrapped around the jacket and secured with locks. Then he was placed under the metal jaws that were like a giant, robot crocodile mouth, pried open and set like a mouse trap and lit on fire.
Film crews were recording the death defying adventure for a new series on OLN. "Dean Gunnarson is hailed as the world’s most daring escape artist, entertaining audiences around the world with remarkable death-defying stunts. Escape or Die! is a thrilling half-hour series that takes viewers into Dean’s crazy, unique life as he and his team prepare for nail-biting escapes that threaten his life. Each episode will focus on a REAL new stunt that he will perform in exotic and unusual locations around the globe. Attempting escapes more daring than his idol Houdini, viewers will watch and ask themselves: Has Dean gone too far this time? Can he pull off the escape?"
See more of the excitement after the jump.

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