Saturday, April 04, 2015

Toronto Pillow Fight 2015 - battle of the square

The army of sleeping beauties woke up, grabbed their soft, fluffy pillows and set upon themselves in a melee of epic proportions. The battle was fought around the world on International Pillow Fight Day Saturday, April 4, 2015 and in our fair city the field of honour was Nathan Phillips Square in the shadows of City Hall.
Organized by Newmindspace the Toronto event promises that "Pillows fly and teddies soar as you converge for a giant urban pillow fight! Swing and whack as you evade pillow-wielding assailants. Bring a soft pillow and wait for the signal. Pillow fight!"

Rules: Please follow these guidelines to ensure a safe and fun pillow fight for everybody!
+ Soft, feather-free pillows only!
+ Swing lightly, many people will be swinging at once.
+ Do not swing at people without pillows or with cameras.
+ Remove glasses beforehand!
+ Deposit pillows in donation boxes or take them with you.
+ Pajamas welcome.
Starting at 3 pm the combatants must have had a lot of free Red Rain energy drinks because they kept going and going for over an hour. In single combat, occasionally in pairs and rarely in small groups, the people kept the momentum of the fight going as hundreds of photographers circled the group as pillows flailed and sometimes were flung high in the air.

Posted by Joe Hamilton and James Hamilton. See more of the pillow fight after the break.

Holding up cotton filling spilled from damaged pillows

Random Yellow Fruit for scale

A pillow sleep in 

A pair of horse heads

New recruits continued to pour into the square even as the battle raged on
Time for selfies

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