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Cherry Blossoms 2015

Update May 9, 2015. High Park's cherry trees are in full bloom now and thousands of visitors made the journey into the heartland of blossoms in Toronto, catching the bright white flowers before the petals all fall to the ground and only the photos and memories remain. Peak bloom is supposed to be Sunday May 10 - Mothers Day. Also in bloom are the trees in Exhibition Place, some in the scattered locations in the University of Toronto and at Ryerson University. Meanwhile the trees in Queens Park and at Robarts Library in the University of Toronto are way past their peak. Upcoming blossoms await on University Avenue, by the Old City Hall Courthouse and Osgoode Hall on Queen Street West (now blooming May 11).
Courthouse blossoms
Looking along Grenadiers Pond towards the blossoms in High Park

All roads leading into High Park were jammed with cars waiting for their chance to circle the park looking for the few spaces that occasionally come open. With little choice many parked outside the limits of the park and made the long hike to the paths beside Grenadiers Pond where the largest concentrations of cherry trees were planted. The best way to enjoy the blossoms is to take public transit or to bike into the park.
Exhibition Place blossoms can be found in Bandshell Park and Along the Liberty Entertainment building

Trees on Hoskin Avenue in the University of Toronto
Bright pink and fluffy blossoms
Osgoode Hall

University Avenue blossoms in the park like medians

See more of nature's beauty after the jump.

Queens Park blossoms are few and far between now

Trees at the Robarts Library in the University of Toronto are pretty bare
University Avenue trees are just starting to bloom

More of High Park blossoms.

It's a photo paradise in the park and plenty of portrait sessions were being shot

And now back to the original post
A harsh winter scared the heck out of Spring, but Toronto's patience is about to be rewarded as fruit trees have started to bud. Cherry and apple trees planted throughout the city provide a week or two of intense colour and fragrance. Peak blossom is expected from May 7 to 9.
2015 Buds are starting to open at the Courthouse

The bright and cheerful trees can be found in larger concentrations in High Park, along University Avenue, around the Old City Hall and Queens Park and within the Exhibition grounds and the University of Toronto. The most popular location has to be High Park and there are several Cherry Blossom Watch websites including the High Park Nature Centre Blossom Watch and the Sakura Watch.
"Celebrate spring’s arrival with a visit to High Park and participate in the centuries old Japanese tradition of Sakura Hanami, roughly translated as “cherry blossom flower viewing.” The flowering of the Sakura trees is spectacular; peak bloom only lasts about a week, so be sure not to miss it!"
Blossoms from previous years - see more of my 2014 blooming post here.

Keep an eye out for individual trees spread thoughout the GTA

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