Sunday, March 08, 2015

Winter scenes in Ontario

If you can't beat winter, you might as well enjoy the frigid season with some outdoor fun. I think there are only three things you can do in our great province when the temperature plummets; ski (includes ski-doo), snowshoe or ice fish. That's it, nothing else until spring comes. Or you can stay indoors and visit some upcoming shows in March 2015 like the Motorama Custom Car and Motorsports Expo or the Toronto Motorcycle Springshow.
Visiting the Barrie area we found the ice thickness on Lake Simcoe to be about two feet and fishermen were taking advantage of the weekend to setup their huts and tiny fishing rods. More and more of the huts are special fabric tents that include vents to allow for propane heating. Ice augers lie beside the huts and rods sit at attention at the small holes that lead down to the depths of the cold lake. Zipping around are ski-doos and quads running out from the shore to their favourite fishing spot. The temporary structures are spread across the lake like peppercorns on a new york striploin steak and continue as far as the eye can see. Sometimes brave souls fish without a tent or hut, just their gear against underwater prey and the elements.
Walking out from the public dock at Big Bay Point in Innisfil

People are parking on the ice or bringing their vehicles down to the edge and many of them get stuck in the snow, so be careful out their - especially when the ice starts to melt.
Earth spins around the sun on an art installation in Eldorado Park

Some leaves fail to fall to the ground in Autumns last gasp. The curled and browned leaves have already changed colour and then lost all colour and life. I wonder if they fight the new leaves when spring suns bring tender buds and the tree continues its growth after a winter hibernation?
Glass and plastic greenhouses help to extend Ontario's growing season and some areas have plenty of the see through buildings. Often the greenhouses fall into disrepair, like many barns collapsing in the countryside, and in winter the snow is conspicuously absent from missing glass panels.
It seems like a real life game of tetris 

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