Monday, March 16, 2015

Election 2065 - DC Mayor in Toronto

The blossoms around City Hall contradict the snow on the ground, but that is the least of the issues because the year is now 2065. The United States has taken over Nathan Phillips Square to film a Twentieth Century Fox film that features candidate Peter Van Eyck asking you to vote for the future.
The Minority Report TV Productions is one of the many projects filming in Toronto
American flags fly proudly in the square
Some interesting cars from the future

Film crews, which are sure to include key grips, gaffers and best boys, are working to put together the pilot for a tv series adapted from the Minority Report movie that was originally directed by Steven Spielberg and starred Tom Cruise. The 2002 movie was about future police force that could also detect future crimes. Tom was one of the cops who ended up being accused of a murder that hadn't yet occurred. In this series produced by Max Borenstein and directed by Mark Mylod, the pre-crime unit has been broken up and ex-members have been struggling with visions while trying to lead a normal life.

See more of Hollywood North filming after the jump. 

It takes a lot of equipment to make a movie
A large boom mounted camera is set up along Bay Street

Hundreds of extras are gathering for a rally

U.S. police

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