Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Looking for deer in the Humber Arboretum

Following bent twigs I searched for signs of deer in the botanical garden along the edge of the Humber River. Placing my ears to the cold, snow covered ground I probed my surroundings for the pitter patter of cloven hooves, but I raised up, disappointed that no evidence of the furry beasts could be found
So, continuing my journey, stepping over all these weird dog tracks made with two large hooves and pausing so I didn't step in large dollops of what was obviously gerbil poo, my deer mission was a failure. Actually, there was so much sign of deer that it was surprising that I wasn't run over by a large herd of the wild animals. They even have a fence that seeks to prevent the deer from going to school at the campus of Humber College. Joining the deer were dozens of birds like Chickadees, Cardinals and woodpeckers and along the river were trees that had been attacked by hungry beavers.
Cute little Chickadees love peanuts and will feed from your hand

The river itself was partially open as the flow of melt water has opened long stretches of the watercourse - don't forget to keep away from water as the ice is unsafe. Keep to the marked paths of Humber Arboretum to avoid the thorns and vines that choke some of the trees throughout the forest.

No buds are visible on the trees yet but you can see evidence of last years flowers and plants, dried and alone atop their stems.

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Small woodpecker plays hide and seek

Beaver food
I think a bear ate this monster fish
A brilliant red Cardinal seeks protection in the tangle of tree branches

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