Sunday, April 07, 2013

On the #Toronto waterfront

Lake Ontario welcomes the coming spring weather and surprisingly the boats are already out in the harbour. I caught a four person sculling boat warming up on a sunny Saturday during the first weekend April. Later some sailboats headed out of the harbour through a hole in the breakwall. Most other boats still remain shrink rapped in storage on dry land.
The four sweep rowers are coached by a cox sitting up front
The sailboat leans as the skipper passes under the sail

It won't take long before the sands of the beaches will be full of sun worshipers enjoying summer in the city.

See more of the the waterfront after the jump.

The view across the Lake towards the cities of Burlington and Hamilton
A child's doll is missing a leg - there is a lot of garbage along the edge of the lake
Some ducks pass in front of the Ontario Place coloured pavilions
A barge holds a backhoe, waiting to get to work
Condos under construction along the Etobicoke shoreline

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