Thursday, July 21, 2011

Toronto hits 37.9 degrees C on July 21, 2011

At the Toronto Airport - and humidity makes it feel close to 50 degrees Celcius today- booyah! The temperature in Toronto peaked at close to 5pm. It's summer now so find a beach, an umbrella, sunscreen and a wobbly pop and enjoy Mother Natures' blast of heat. If you can't find a beach look for a pond or fountain - like the one found in the Toronto Eaton Centre.
Sometimes you have to give in to the weather and find fun wherever you can cool off. Time for watersports, beach volleyball and walking around in bikinis.

The Weather Network reports this weather warning from Environment Canada.

Weather Warning

Issued at 9:35 PM EDT Thursday 21 July 2011


Extreme temperatures and humidex values will continue this evening. The humid tropical air mass has arrived as expected. The strong July sun has caused the mercury to soar well into the middle and upper thirties. Combining the record setting temperatures with the high humidity in this tropical air mass has resulted in oppressive humidex values in the low to mid forties across all of Southern Ontario. The situation will continue into this evening. Current indications suggest that a weak front will slip through tonight. However in the wake of the front it will continue to be hot on Friday with temperatures in the low to mid thirties but somewhat less humid. Well above normal temperatures will continue into the weekend for most of Southern Ontario with temperatures reaching the low thirties again on Saturday. It will be the combination of the duration of the high heat along with warm overnight conditions which makes this heat event particularly significant. During times of high heat and humidity, it is critical to stay properly hydrated by drinking Plenty of fluid like water or juice. Strenuous outdoor activities should be scheduled during the early morning or evening hours. Wear loose fitting, light weight clothing and spend as much time as possible in air conditioned places. Stay out of the sun and never leave elderly, children or pets unattended in a car.

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