Thursday, May 28, 2009

Funky folding bike - it's still bike month

A new store called Saved by Bikes has opened in the First Canadian Place (concourse level in the Path System) selling bikes, not just any bikes but some cool and unusual bikes just made for the urban environment. Their display of colourful folded up bikes along a wall drew me into the store.

The Strida Folding Bike collapses down into a pretty small package that can be stored under your seat in a GO Train (GO Transit says this ... Can I bring a folding bicycle onto a GO Train? Folding bicycles are allowed on all GO Trains, including during peak-period travel times and within Union Station at any time. Cyclists boarding peak-period trains with folded bicycles are asked to follow some simple etiquette tips to ensure this pilot project is a success), or by your desk in the office - it doesn't have a metal chain so no leaking oil.

I hear that Union Station has now built a secure bike locker, which I have been unable to find yet (on York St). The locker is not free and you cannot leave bikes for longer than two days, etc, etc (I will update this post when I find more info on the bike storage).

One bike had no chain but instead used a drive shaft, another had a built in solar lighting system.

While it could be argued that bikes may not actually save the world, they could certainly help the planet and their riders in many ways.

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