Thursday, May 14, 2009

EcoCab and other sights

I saw a few fun EcoCabs around downtown today. The pedal powered vehicle looks a little like a hollow, open concept smart car with room in the back for a couple of passengers. I checked the website and apparently the cab rides are free as they have sponsors paying the tab.

Even spring comes to the big city. Bare trees that had survived the cold temperatures of winter have suddenly come to life with leaves and blossoms and bare sidewalks suddenly sprouted patios.

I found some funny bars and restaurants names and signs around King Street West. There was one bar called "Hey Lucy" with $3.99 martinis all day Wednesdays (someone has some splaining to do). There was also an Italian restaurant nearby called the "Kit Kat" bar and grill. Nothing says Italian food more than some cow parts sticking out of the wall while the name brings to mind a couple of chocolate covered wafer bars.

After today's early morning rain the sun came out by lunchtime along with some strong winds. You had a hard time walking a straight path as the gusts of wind pushed you along. There were a few hats blown off heads and skirts raised today. The wind also kept Canada's flag flying proudly in the sun.

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