Sunday, July 30, 2023

Love Park Toronto

What used to hold a circular, descending exit ramp from the Gardiner Expressway is now full of love, or the visual representation of love - a big, red heart at the foot of York Street near the waterfront. The heart is a pond, full of slightly algae tinged water (they are working on that) with a large tree on a small island in the pond. Surrounded by city roads, glass towers and the nearby expressway.
When the off ramp came down they left the concrete T supports in place, like the ones at the end of the expressway to the east at the end of the Gardiner along Lakeshore Boulevard, and I hoped that they would leave the supports in place and incorporate them in the design. However, the City was pretty clear that they would take down the supports, which they did. It does look nice though, a pretty addition to the southern Financial District in the Harbourfront neighbourhood, plus it has a doggy park there as well.
From Waterfront Toronto's website, "Love Park delivers on romance. The pulse of the park is its central heart-shaped water feature—a universal symbol for love aligned to true North. A mature Northern Catalpa tree punctuates this water feature as it sits on its own dedicated island. Adjacent office towers have a unique aerial view of the park’s heart shaped pond, the wisteria-covered trellis, Catalpa island, and lush greenery. Dedicated park furniture surround the heart-shaped water-feature and can be moved to suit your ultimate comfort and vantage point, while bronze-cast native-Canadian animal sculptures playfully animate the green refuge."

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