Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Caves and ice skating along the Eramosa River

The drop in temperatures have been awhile coming with double digit negative readings first occurring in late January, 2021. But the cold has thickened the ice and people are walking on the Eramosa River in the Rockwood Conservation where two skating rinks were cleared of snow and skaters were taking advantage of the outdoor rink. The area is so unique that several movies, tv shows and commercials have been filmed in park - including Reign, Utopia, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, Camp Rock 2, a bunch of Murdoch Mysteries and many others. In fact there is a movie being filmed in the park in the early part of 2021. Update Feb 9: The filming is for the tv series Titans from the DC Universe - see photos at the bottom of the post.

Pure Canada - playing hockey on frozen lakes or rivers

This recreational area was home to a long abandoned quarry and the remaining quarry roads and trails pass by a series of caves near the north end of the park. The park is also well known for the caves and glacial or geological potholes including a giant one called the Devil's Pit or Devil's Well (which I haven't seen myself yet). With the ice suitable for walking we had a chance to check out the caves and cliffs found on islands that you usually don't get a chance to see.

Potholes even join together to provide alternate routes for the river
You can only see these caves when you are out on the water

Exposed cliffs of Silurian Age Amabel formations are composed of dolomite, which is what you get when limestone losses calcite and gains dolomites. There are a couple of high vantage points to get a good look at the surrounding area. 

A small fire in the cave provides warmth for the skaters and families
Remnants of the first damn by the waterfall
Soothing sounds of the waterfall

If you are going to walk in Rockwood Conservation Area you should also bring some ice cleats to keep safe on the paths and trails, or on the ice.

Update Feb 7, 2021: Hot movie set in Rockwood ongoing.

See more of the movie set and caves after the jump.
Caves along the old quarry road
Electrical distribution setup for the movies
Portable lights and generator
Film production trucks with rooms for the talent
Tents setup for crew and talent near the far end of the ruins. The end of the tent is covered with forest camouflage.
Update Feb 9: Crews were on hand to film for the Titan tv series, everyone wore masks and they even have a Covid safety team
We waited while they filmed this classic black car leaving the forest

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