Saturday, January 09, 2021

Pine Sanctuary sculpture in Riverwood

A big ass, colourful sculpture sits in the entrance to Riverwood Conservancy park, just off Burnhamthorpe Road West in Mississauga. The aluminum sculpture by Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY was created to help celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary
Blue, green and black stripes come together as they reach for the sky. You can get inside the sculpture and luckily it doesn't drop the pine sap onto your head.

From Marc's Linkedin page, "The delaminated, double-layered skin provides a moiré of colors, as well as shadows and speckled light to catch on the ground. This is a place for spontaneous play as much as it is a sanctuary for one to simply lose their time. There's no trunk holding up this arboreal structure. Instead, it opens up into a shady space. Macro shingles resolve into branches that touch the ground lightly around a covered grove, like a redwood hollowed out. The stripes of Pine Sanctuary adjust in density, so that gaps between them generate areas of porosity. In petal-like forms, the stripes merge together at the base, offering spaces where dancers and explorers and tree-dwellers of all kinds can tuck in, recline, or hide for a moment. 3,161 unique stripes accumulate to host these activities."

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