Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Toronto Peta Protest

Vikki Lenola, model and animal rights activist protests for Peta

Several women went topless for Peta at Toronto's busiest intersection as they protested the commercial seal pup hunt. The ladies gathered quietly beside the Eaton Centre at lunch on Tuesday, April 10, 2018 and at first I thought they were a flash mob that would wander into the scramble intersection like so many other groups have done for promotions.
After a few minutes they removed their tops showing off pasties and slogans written on their bodies while holding up posters which said 'END COMMERCIAL SEAL SLAUGHTER' and 'SEAL SLAUGHTER BLEEDS TAXES'. Pedestrians stopped to take in the sight and grab some photos as the group set off several smoke flares. They were at the intersection long enough to almost freeze in the early springtime weather.

Peta claims that the Canadian government subsidizes the seal pup hunt to the tune of $7 million a year.

Other Peta Toronto protests include the following events: Wear your own skin, Go Vegan and when the lettuce ladies met with Mayor Rob Ford.

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