Monday, March 17, 2014

Fashion forward with @PeTA in #Toronto

With temperatures suitable for the North Pole, five ladies from PeTA braved the cold wearing little more than body-paint while standing outside the Eaton Centre. "Leave wildlife out of your wardrobe" and "Wear your own skin" were signs they raised to ask for support in helping PeTA continue their work to save animals.
The presence of the ladies painted in green and holding the signs attracted a lot of attention at one of Canada's busiest pedestrian scramble intersections. They handed out leaflets that said killer looks go cruelty free and with celebrity quotes from Natalie Portman, who doesn't wear any animal products, as well as Pink and Eva Mendes. Remember to be cruelty free and use compassionate clothing.

The following are some of the other PeTA campaigns that I have seen.

Actress Megan Park for PeTA.
Try to relate to what's on your plate - topless protest.
PeTA Lettuce Ladies meet Mayor Rob Ford.

See more of today's protest after the jump.

These two ladies lasted the longest in the extreme colds in Toronto on Monday, March 17, 2014

A closeup of the body-paint pattern

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