Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Elora Gorge

Water has cut quite the gorge in Elora and the town and the river valley are a fun place to spend a day visiting, especially not in winter! We parked near Victoria Park and headed towards the edge of the cliffs where you can find the stairway down to the river bed of Irvine Creek. This small creek leads into the Grand River which flows into Lake Erie.

Their is a new zip line across the gorge and you can kayak and tube in the Grand River or just hike the trails winding through the forests. The water temperature was perfect today and the waters are full of baby fish and crayfish.
The town of Elora is a popular tourism destination, full of shops and ice cream, based in incredible stone buildings. The old hydro generator has been moved away from the old Mill and a new 1 MW generator has been built on the footprint of a previous 1911 site.

See more of the Gorge and Elora after the jump.

Looking towards Irvine Creek
Downstream of the Grand River
Looking towards the Mill

Stairs down to the river bed
Improvements at the Elora Mill Inn

Art in the park

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Toronto wedding photographer said...

The gorge is really beautiful but the park does not capitalize on any vantage points/lookouts onto the gorge. Not easily accessible to walk right by the river with children, but definitely worth the trek if you can manage. Plan your route around the river to avoid having to back-track because there are few bridges to cross. It's a perfect place to take wedding photos here.

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