Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Canada 150 winning ONE Condoms

Canadians took to designing condom wrappers with a certain amount of humour with hundreds of entries received by ONE Condoms. Contest judges selected their top 50 designs and public voting has produced a number of winners, including grand prize by Emma Scott with an "I'd Tap That' design followed by her other design "Get (P)laid" which came in second.

“I never thought I would be so excited to see my art being ripped up and thrown away, but here I am putting my designs onto ONE Condom wrappers for all consenting adults across Canada,” said Emma Scott. “This contest was the perfect way for me to sprinkle my sense of humour into my design work, and I'm so glad Canada loved them!”

Other runners-up included a rooster Loonie, some moose doing it, Canadians apologizing in bed and a toque reference.
“I couldn’t resist such a quirky contest in celebration of this great country of ours. I was laughing throughout the entire process of creating this design, and I’m thrilled that I could bring that feeling to other people. I hope it makes people laugh all over this wonderful and loving country,” said A. E. Thompson, who created the “Loonie ONE” design.

Some regional winners included these designs.

And some staff picks.

“We’re so impressed by all the designs across Canada, from loonies and lumberjacks to condom igloos and beavers,” said Davin Wedel, founder of ONE Condoms. “Starting condom conversations, ONE Canada-Condom at at time!” Winners get a cash prize and a one year supply of condoms with their winning artwork. ONE Condom will also donate tens of thousands of condoms to Canadian organizations which promote sexual health education and outreach.

"Condoms are the most effective way to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies. ONE was founded in 2004 with the core belief that if you put interesting and engaging artwork on condom wrappers, it helps start a conversation about the use of condoms and safer sex. ONE’s signature, circular condom wrappers feature hundreds of different designs and unique design collections."

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