Sunday, March 05, 2017

@SexapaloozaShow Toronto 2017

If you are a little naughty you will probably enjoy the adult consumer sex show at the International Centre where seminars, workshops, shopping and a little tour of the dungeon can spice up your life. Entertainment host Ms. Madge Enthat stands ready at the main stage in the photo at top introducing enthusiastic burlesque dancers and contests featuring audience members competing for prizes among many other crowd pleasing shows. This is the first time that I have gone to the Sunday show and it had a lively crowd of couples and groups of friends filling Hall 6 of the conference centre.
Time to get some latex into your life

Ashley Madison main stage entertainment in Hall 6 included burlesque, pole dancing and fashion shows over the March 3-5 weekend. "Titillating, tantalizing, teasing...Can't Stop Won't Stop is not your standard runway style show. From swimwear to lingerie to costumes, these models will strut their stuff down the runway in this unique show."
houseSM studio

The show runs Friday from 5-11pm, Saturday noon to midnite and Sunday from noon to 6pm. People attending the event tended to dress casually and some brought the spice to the consumer sex show.
"Looking for something new? Interesting? Maybe a little risque? Come to Sexapalooza this weekend in Toronto for all of that and more. Take in a few seminars or take part in a workshop. Stop by and play in the dungeon. When you're ready, head on over to the Main Stage with a drink in hand to take in the sinful sights. Ask our knowledgeable exhibitors how to revamp your love life with new products and bedroom tricks. Everything you are hoping for and more at Sexapalooza Toronto 2017!"

Sunday, March 5th schedule and more photos after the jump. You can find links to previous Sexapalooza Shows on my post here.
Buns of Steel
Julia Sapershteyn photo-artist

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Main Stage | House of Tease | 20 mins
Seminar Room | Your First Visit to a Sex Club-What to Ask, Expect and Wear | 30 min
Burlesque shows from House of Tease
Workshop room | The Art of Erotic Discipline | 30 mins
Pole dancing exhibitions

Main Stage | Pole Perfection | 20 min
Seminar Room | Clitoral Stimulation a Girl's Best Friend | 30 min

Workshop Room | Love Your Gloves | 30 min
Fashion Shows
Main Stage | Can't Stop Won't Stop Fashion Show | 20 min
Seminar Room | Swinging 101: Opening up your relationship to spice up your sex life. |30 mins

Workshop Room | Intro to ElectroSex | 20 min

Main Stage | Pole Perfection | 20 min
Seminar Room | The Ins & Outs of Sex Toys | 30 mins

Workshop Room | This is Burlesque... | 20 mins
Main Stage | Aerial Artistry | 20 min

Main Stage | Toronto's Best Male Strippers | 20 min

Oasis Aqualounge fashion show

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