Thursday, November 10, 2016

End of fall, the beginning of Christmas

Fall ends when the forest canopy no longer flutters in the breeze above our heads, when the majority of the leaves have changed colour and fallen to the ground. And sadly, this time is fast approaching. Some areas of the city seem to be in a time capsule and will remain fall like for awhile, while others seem already stripped bare and awaiting the heavy fall of snow. So here's to the last of fall and the beginning of the holiday season.
Winter will begin when the solstice is good and ready, no skip that, it is already scheduled. Yep, Wednesday, December 21, 2016 is the first date of the new season. It is also the date for the 27th Winter Solstice celebrations in Kensington Market. You can help 'ignite the longest darkest night' in the markets, supported by local merchants, and take part in a unique night with a parade and a gathering of music and fire. Lantern sales are from 4-6:30 pm with the parade meeting at 6:30 pm at Oxford and Augusta and departing at 7 pm.
After tomorrow's Remembrance Day ceremonies, spread throughout Toronto, you will start hearing Christmas songs, see Christmas decorations and start to attend company Christmas parties. Ho Ho Ho. GO Transit offers free rides to the military on November 11: "We will honour the many men and women who have served and continue to serve our country. On November 11th, our veterans, relatives of fallen soldiers, those currently serving & their companions, all travel for free on Remembrance Day. We ask that you please wear or carry something identifiable, such as a medal, beret, blazer or uniform when travelling with us tomorrow. Thank you for your service."
Commerce Court sparkling holiday trees

Christmas excitement around town includes the Cavalcade of Lights in Nathan Phillips Square (Saturday, November 26) as well as Holiday Magic in Yorkville (Saturday, November 19) and the Santa Claus Parade (Sunday, November 20).

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