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50th Cavalcade of Lights coming soon

Lights, fireworks and entertainment will be part of the Saturday, November 26, 2016 holiday celebration at Toronto City Hall. It's just a small party as you and thousands of other party goers jam into Nathan Phillips Square for a night of fun in the cold - so be prepared and try to keep warm. It is especially cool as Red Pepper Spectacle Arts, whom I am a big fan of, is using my photo on the City's website (the heart flame).
Great Gulf and Hudson's Bay are the big sponsors of the night and the preparations are underway as the City is putting up the multitudes of lights necessary for the sparkling evening. The holes for the Christmas Tree are open and waiting for the tree to arrive. Update: The tree is up and waiting to be decorated. Monday, November 8.
Crews on manlifts putting lights up on the arches over the future skating rink

During the night you can enjoy outdoor skating with DJs spinning some tunes before and after the concerts.

Fireworks at City Hall by Joe Hamilton

The 2016 schedule for the Cavalcade of Lights is after the jump.

4:30 - 6:30 p.m. Red Pepper Spectacle Arts Lantern Workshop. Make paper lanterns to help illuminate Nathan Phillips Square.
6 - 7 p.m. Skating pre-party with DJ General Eclectic.
7 p.m. Audience sing-a-long with Choir! Choir! Choir! including John Lennon's Imagine with special guests, Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet.
6 - 10:30 p.m.
7:25 p.m. First lighting of Toronto’s Official Christmas Tree sponsored by Hudson's Bay and powered by Toronto Hydro.
7:35 p.m. Cris Derksen's Cavalcade Orchestra:
8:30 p.m. Procession of Light by Red Pepper Spectacle Arts.
8:35 p.m. Spectacular fireworks display.
8:40 p.m. Whitehorse Concert sponsored by Great Gulf.
9:40 - 10:30 p.m. Skating party with DJ General Eclectic.
"Toronto's magnificent Christmas tree...
The focal point of the annual Cavalcade of Lights celebration is the lighting of Toronto's official Christmas tree. For 2016, the tree will be approximately 18-metres (60-feet) tall and feature around 700 individual ornaments and 3,810 metres of energy efficient lights (525,000 lights).
Interesting facts about Toronto's Official Christmas tree
The tree is selected a year in advance from the Bancroft, Ontario area.
The tree is usually a white spruce.
The tree arrives on a flatbed truck and is lifted into place with cranes.
It takes a crew of eight people three to four hours to put the tree into place.
The tree needs three days to settle before it can be decorated.
It takes two weeks to decorate and string lights on the tree.
Countless pieces of large machinery, including a cherry picker, are used to assist the decorating crew in placing each ornament onto the tree.
Unlike an indoor tree, Toronto's Christmas tree does not need watering.
Usually the tree is 15 to 18 metres tall (55 to 65 feet).
The tree remains on display throughout the holiday season and is then recycled.
Toronto’s Official Christmas Tree sponsored by Hudson's Bay and powered by Toronto Hydro."
The 2016 Christmas Tree is in place

The Stars are hanging in place

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