Sunday, February 02, 2014

Toronto Polar Bear Dip at Colonel Sam Smith Park

The middle of winter is the perfect time to jump into the cold, cold waters of Lake Ontario as the February 2, 2014 mini Polar Bear Dip took place at the east end of the city. Only four lonely swimmers gathered at the end of Colonel Sam Smith Park Drive, performed some warm-ups, then one by one dropped off the ledge of thick ice along the shore and waded into the clear waters of the lake.

Wading deeper into the stone filled water, watched by a pair of swans, they finally dove deep into the icy water, surprisingly without screaming out in pain, and calmly returned back to shore to change out of their wet bathing suits.
The dip is part of a weekly tradition that Natan Gendelman helps improve blood flow and metabolism and to promote good health and well-being. Most events start small so maybe in the coming years more people will join in and be as popular as the New Year's Day Polar Bear Dip.

Posted by James Hamilton and Joe Hamilton. See more of the swim after the jump.

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