Sunday, September 08, 2013

I Resurrect the Destructed and other graffiti

Graffiti in #Toronto is like a mountain eroded by nature - ever changing and many times very striking. Murals in place in the back alleys of the city are there one day and gone the next, painted over, or capped with new content. Sometimes you can find the same artists work in a different location or come across another piece that catches the eye. The alleys running along both sides of Queen Street West are the most famous for graffiti in Toronto.

Face by ANSER with more detail and colour than the typical outline and coloured pupils

An angry bear head

See more graffiti art after the jump
Mayor Rob Ford gets a lot of ink
This one looks like a Sharknado

Poser and his funny bunnies 
Yoda gets in the act

Looks like a DeadMau5 family

A purple bear on a utility box by The Rex

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