Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Vernal Equinox and the Day of Happiness in #Toronto

Booyah! Yesterday passed without much fanfare but we reached an important milestone within the Canadian calendar: The first day of Spring happened and some people smiled a bit more than usual during the UN International Day of Happiness. This marks the transition for urban bicycle couriers when they start to take away their leg warmers and go full on bike shorts, which makes some people unhappy, and the passing of the winter, which tends to make people happy, which leads to the celebration of happiness by the world organization known as the United Nations. So much stuff for a simple Wednesday, March 20, 2013.
The weather marked spring by snowing and continuing with the cold temperatures, thereby crapping on our Equinox. Meanwhile back in the city the International Day of Happiness seemed to pass without a great deal of notice. I saw no parades, no uncontrollable fits of giggling and no flags and groups offering free hugs. The United Nations is looking to spread happiness to millions of people and asks that you try three things: 1) Affirm the pledge to bring happiness to others, 2) Cheer happy heroes and 3) Take part in the day. OXFORD Property Management did their part!

LOL ;) J <3

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