Friday, March 08, 2013

AGO Please Believe These Days Will Pass

Much like we believe that winter will pass, so too will the exhibition by Mark Titchner at the #Toronto Art Gallery of Ontario. Mark is a British artist and will be the international artist-in-residence this fall and his words seek to communicate and inspire people. His work consists of a language-based, vinyl wall paintings and banners and a film work within the museum documents his observations and interactions with our city. The AGO display will remain until April 21, 2013 at the glass, dirigible building on Dundas Street West.
“Mark Titchner describes his work as “a dialogue about how you receive thoughts and ideas.” Drawing on place, dislocation and self-help mantras, the artist presents conflicting ideologies and outmoded ideas without mockery or cynicism, allowing viewers to form their own conclusions.”
The saying reminds me of one of my favourite phrases “This too shall pass” found in medieval Persian poems. I think it can help people who are going through tough times because nothing lasts forever, although somethings do tend to last a little longer than people hope.

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