Monday, October 11, 2010

Waterfalls & Paris in the Fall

It's fun to go to places that share the same name with more famous travel destinations. We were on a waterfall tour on the way to a train ride in Port Stanley when we ran out of time and just decided to continue looking at waterfalls. On our way back we stopped in Paris and to prove it Joe Fresh took our picture (I noticed that famous Cigar Guy had joined us in Paris - check out the photo after the jump). Paris was nothing like I imagined it, but they did have a river (the Grand), which also had a man made waterfall at a dam just upstream of the town.
We stopped at two waterfalls on this day. The first was Sherman Falls in Dundas.  This waterfall is nice and easy to walk to and is just a few minutes away from the road. The valley was filled with leaves falling to the ground and there was a nice flow of water. For some relaxing video of the waterfall click here.

And the second waterfall visited was Smokey Hollow Falls in Waterdown. The falls are right beside the parking lot and there is a nice viewing platform right beside the top as the creek goes over the edge. It's also not that hard to go around the platform and check out the waterfall from the front, as seen below.

See the photo where Cigar Guy joined us in Paris after the jump.

This is the guy (right) that was in the picture of Tiger Woods in a tournament in England and flubbed the shot - it went right towards a photojournalist. Everyone thought that Cigar Guy was a hoot and he started popping up in a lot of places on the internet.

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