Sunday, October 03, 2010

Evergreen Brickworks now open

The former Don Valley Brickworks, now christened the Evergreen Brickworks, has finally opened (September 5, 2010) to the public while much of their site remains under construction. The property seems to have everything under the sun including office space for lease and I am surprised they haven't squeezed a condo development into the mix. They have saved part of the brick making equipment and kilns and a lot of the graffiti that adorned any available, reachable space.

The old, abandoned factory is almost gone and urban explorers will have to find a new place to haunt because they come out of the brick work when you start to take pictures. I was told it was illegal to take pictures there now without a permit although I found no mention of this on their website.
The site is owned by the City of Toronto and the Toronto Region Conservation Area and they not only purchased the site, they paid millions of dollars to upgrade the old quarry. Give us your money but don't try to take a picture is an unfortunate message that they want you to have. Oh well, these may well be the last pictures that you see of the brickworks (following photo by fresh Joe).

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