Monday, December 07, 2009

Snow is on the way - Nation surprised

I heard a rumor that a snow storm was expected on Wednesday, aaahhh, but the afternoon sky was cloudy and a light snow was already falling. The first real storm of the season, which should start Tuesday night, adds another dangerous element to the days commute, although it really doesn't get any easier when the snow comes down during rush hour at any time in winter. Taking the underground PATH system, bus, subway or GO Train makes life a little better. Here are the trains coming in and out of Union Station and the comfort of the skywalk from Union Station to the area around the CN Tower.

Then there is the whole issue of walking in the frozen white stuff, ruining your clothes with salt stains, catching colds and now having to deal with that H1N1 thing - it's time to hibernate (unless you have a ski-doo).

The good part of snow is that the drab scenery, which has been removed of green foliage, is covered over in a clean, crisp blanket of white; until pollution turns the white to a drab grey. Still, it's at least a day of beauty.

Around town Christmas decorations fill the lobbies and malls. The reindeer have joined Santa's sleigh in the Eaton Centre but I still don't see Santa's village yet.

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