Monday, December 21, 2009

Cynthia Mulligan reporting for CityTV

We caught Cynthia Mulligan reporting on a Christmas shopping story in front of the Eaton Centre.

Update: Cynthia Mulligan was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2010, just a few short months after these pictures were taken, and is currently undergoing breast cancer treatment and blogging about her experiences at Her account is called "Kicking Cancer".

In one post, titled "New Perspective" she talks about coming upon a smashed out car window shortly after starting chemo and she realized that it was "completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, just another inconvenience". That is a good lesson for all of us and we wish Cynthia all the best in her fight.

Update 15 November 2016: my posts on Cynthia Mulligan have had a lot of traffic after comic and host Mike Bullard was charged with criminal harassment of the reporter. Mike left his Newstalk 1010 gig on October 5th after he was charged. He is reported to have said that he didn't stalk or harass Cynthia whom he dad dated in the past.

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